Border / Limit (Part 1) /2017

video installation, 10 min

I cannot go to my hometown since 2014, even though Mariupol is only a couple hours’ drive away. All I can do is watch it from afar, across all the borders - invisible but still very much present.

This video shows a view on Donetsk, a city in Eastern Ukraine, currently under occupation by the so-called DPR. The shooting point is the closest place one can get to Donetsk while remaining on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. The industrial building and the spoil tips on the horizon in the video are located within Donetsk city limits. The almost still landscape between the camera and the city on the horizon is actually a front line and (presumably) a minefield.

Produced for the 'Granica' Residence Project (Poznan, Poland – Mariupol, Ukraine).
Camera: Andriy Taraman