Houseplants /2019
(by Andrii Dostliev & Dante Buu)

Site-specific installation
LED lamps, soil, metal, plastic, second-hand photographs
Dimensions variable

If Family is the Garden and the Plant is the “socially acceptable model of love”, and you are a Seed that “does not fit”, how will you grow?

The work “Houseplants” explores the rigid norms of family as a social construct formatted by the dichotomies of heterosexuality. Now and throughout the history we are constantly exposed to the images of families, bound by marriage and reproduction that is equalled to happiness and successful life.

In this work, Dante and Andrii draw from the practice of indoor gardening. Plants made of second-hand photographs and metal wire are planted in soil and nurtured by LED light. With this kind of set-up, the artists question the artificial and man-made social and traditional norms, that, despite the plurality and the diversity of humans, remain imperative.